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Inktober I-III

I took part in Jake Parker’s INKtober last year (every day an inked sketch for the whole October).
This year I couldn’t wait for the Inktober to come! I’ve learned so much last year, though my skills are still small.
Here are my first three sketches. I think I will tell a little story within this project. Stay tuned!



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Calendar 2014 Commission – Illustrations & Character Designs

This is a choice of illustrations I created for an agency’s 2014-calendar. It’s a gift they’ve sent to their clients. The illustrations portray the agengcy’s daily office routine in a humorous way.

At last, everyone of us has fought a nerve-stretching battle against the printer once before or would have called the coffee brewer employee of the month when we arrived terribly tired at the office in the morning, didn’t we?

Click on image for larger view. Hope you enjoy! If you want to see the whole project, please visit me on my website

DieDirekten_Kalender_fuer_Blogs_groß Continue reading

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