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Illustration for “2015, Fuck Yeah!” Calendar by Schlogger



This is my contribution for the “2015, Fuck Yeah!” calendar created by German comic artist Schlogger.

This year 69 German illustrators and comic artists took part in this unique collaboration:

Adrian vom Baur
Angela Wittchen
Anna “Apfelhase” Süßbauer
Beni Merk
Christian Kotz
Christian Nauck
Christopher “Piwi” Tauber
Dagmar Gosejacob
David Malambré
Def Füleki
Dominik “Pete” Wendland
Eva Yabai
Eve Jay
Fabia Zobel
Flavia Scuderi
Maximilian Hillerzeder
Irina Zinner
Isabell Ristow
Jeff Chi
Jo Lott
Johannes “Beetlebum” Kretzschmar
Joscha Sauer
Kaja “Anthea” Reinki
Karoline Pietrowski
Katharina Netolitzky
Katja Klengel
Katrin Felder
Kerstin “Noody” Buzelan
Lew Bridcoe
Lisa Neun
Maja Verfondern
Maren Collet
Mario Bühling
Martin Rathscheck
Marvin Clifford
Max Fiedler
Michael Roos
Olaf Albers
Olga “Asu” Andriyenko
Olivia Vieweg
Pengboom Society
Piers Goffart
Ralf Marczinczik
Sandra Brandstätter
Sarah Burrini
Sarah Stowasser
Sascha Wüstefeld
Simone Kesterton
Stefanie Kick
Stew & Timo (Illustrie)
Till Felix
Tim Gaedke
Tobi Dahmen
Ulf Salzmann
Vanessa Drossel
Vero Mischitz

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Calendar 2014 Commission – Illustrations & Character Designs

This is a choice of illustrations I created for an agency’s 2014-calendar. It’s a gift they’ve sent to their clients. The illustrations portray the agengcy’s daily office routine in a humorous way.

At last, everyone of us has fought a nerve-stretching battle against the printer once before or would have called the coffee brewer employee of the month when we arrived terribly tired at the office in the morning, didn’t we?

Click on image for larger view. Hope you enjoy! If you want to see the whole project, please visit me on my website

DieDirekten_Kalender_fuer_Blogs_groß Continue reading

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The Fairly Daily ButtGod – Today’s Topic: Underwear

This is an illustration I created for the blog The Fairly Daily ButtGod, I recently became a member of – A bunch of artists. One topic a day.

For those who aren’t able to understand the speech balloon:

She: “Iiii’ve got neeeew booooobs! Thank you for the shopping tip!” 

He: “Dear I.T.! Thanks for the tip. M.’s new boobs are amaaaazing!”

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