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Calendar 2014 Commission – Illustrations & Character Designs

This is a choice of illustrations I created for an agency’s 2014-calendar. It’s a gift they’ve sent to their clients. The illustrations portray the agengcy’s daily office routine in a humorous way.

At last, everyone of us has fought a nerve-stretching battle against the printer once before or would have called the coffee brewer employee of the month when we arrived terribly tired at the office in the morning, didn’t we?

Click on image for larger view. Hope you enjoy! If you want to see the whole project, please visit me on my website

DieDirekten_Kalender_fuer_Blogs_groß Continue reading

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Live Event drawings


I recently did some live event drawings. Here are some of them. If you’re interested in seeing all of them, visit me on my website!







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Old Man Walking – Doodle



Since January 2013 I’m working again as a freelance 2D-animator among others for the adventure game company Daedalic (http://www.daedalic.de). I already did 2D-animations for their game “The Rabbit’s Apprentice” which will be released this summer. It was fun and the game will be great (full of details, creativity, fantasy and especially a wonderful soundtrack! – http://www.rabbitsapprentice.de)

Last week, when I animated 8 hours at a time, I wanted to do some doodle to do some other creative stuff. This is the result!



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Premiere Stuff

Eiti and I have worked for days and nights  to finish our animated short movie Bootyful. We even spent some nights at our school to save time. The night before our premiere we got no sleep. When I send the movie to our musician I told Eiti to get even one our of beauty rest. That’s how she looked like afterwards :). I had to draw it!

Apart from the enormous work and little sleep we both agree: this was one of our best years ever!

By the way: our movie Bootyful is ranked among the 10 best movies of the Hamburg Animation Award 2012!

My fellow student Sabine Koops created a brochure for our premiere which presented our movies and every student.

Above you can see my page (not pictured: personal data and a photo).

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In The Train

When I was sitting in the train to my familiy because of my beloved old gandmother’s 97th (!) birthday, I felt a little restless on 1st of April.  The last several months I’ve been working days and nights on my friend’s (Eiti) and my study project, an animated short movie which will have its premiere on April, 27th in Hamburg. We’ve arrived  the crunch mode and have to get ready.

But nevertheless: this is family stuff which really counts and when do you get the chance to witness a 97th (!!!) birthday – especially the birthday of such a great woman?!

So I was on my way to 1 1/2 days off when I got to listen to a group of older travellers.

The red pullover wearing man’s wife said: “Since lately we are proudly owners of a new garden swing… . ” The red pullover man completed: “Sitting on it you really get tipsy and woozy. I get this by Mariacron.”  (FYI: Mariacron is a hard liquor…)

Furthermore they talked about a friend’s heart pacemaker:

“He has a heart pacemaker with a defibrillator. Someday he got a heart attack, the defibrillator started, the power cord twisted somehow and one cable catched fire. He bounced up and down till the ambulance came and stoped the pacemarker by holding a magnet on his chest.”

Fortunately he recovered from this accident they told. I wouldn’t write about it if he hadn’t. They also said that the man can laugh about it now. He always takes a little magnet in his pocket since then.

The last story was about the couple’s son. The man told:

“He always had a talend for acting. You never know if he’s faking or being serious. So he had this soccer game and got a beat on his nose. He came to me and told me his nose was broken. I didn’t believe him – it didn’t look like it was broken.  Then I pulled his nose down, it made a cracking noise and it was straighten…anyhow. Apparently his beak WAS broken… .”

It was an inspiring trip and a wonderful birthday. Those are the things I take my energy and new ideas of. And what have I learned of this again?

The best things in life are for free.

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