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Yeeeeeyyy! Finally you get to see our animated short film Bootyful by Mareikje Kersting & Maren Collet.

I hope you like it!

By the way: our little movie won the Audience Award of the Hamburg Animation Award 2012 and was on the list of finalists of the Scratch! International Animation Film Festival 2012.

/// Animation
Sabine Koops, Janina Putzker, Regina Haselhorst,
Daniel Leyva, Cosima Schmitz, Sebastian König,
Timm Meyer, Maren Collet, Mareikje Kersting, Kim Niboing

/// Music
Christian Seim

/// Design
Mareikje Kersting & Maren Collet

Student Film Project /// Animation School Hamburg

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Premiere Stuff

Eiti and I have worked for days and nights  to finish our animated short movie Bootyful. We even spent some nights at our school to save time. The night before our premiere we got no sleep. When I send the movie to our musician I told Eiti to get even one our of beauty rest. That’s how she looked like afterwards :). I had to draw it!

Apart from the enormous work and little sleep we both agree: this was one of our best years ever!

By the way: our movie Bootyful is ranked among the 10 best movies of the Hamburg Animation Award 2012!

My fellow student Sabine Koops created a brochure for our premiere which presented our movies and every student.

Above you can see my page (not pictured: personal data and a photo).

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Animated Short Movie: Character Designs & Sheets

Character Sheet of Frida; one of our supporting actors of our animated short movie Bootyful, coming soon.

Character Sheet

 Character Sheet of Henk; supporting actor & bodybuilder of our animated short movie Bootyful.

 First Designs of Frida; more older designs will follow

First character designs of “Henk”, bodybuilder of our animated short movie coming soon.

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