Old Man Walking – Doodle



Since January 2013 I’m working again as a freelance 2D-animator among others for the adventure game company Daedalic (http://www.daedalic.de). I already did 2D-animations for their game “The Rabbit’s Apprentice” which will be released this summer. It was fun and the game will be great (full of details, creativity, fantasy and especially a wonderful soundtrack! – http://www.rabbitsapprentice.de)

Last week, when I animated 8 hours at a time, I wanted to do some doodle to do some other creative stuff. This is the result!



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2 thoughts on “Old Man Walking – Doodle

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning Dear Marren,

    Excellent sketch work especially the pet, love your creative mind, reminds me of our great Indian political and social cartoonist Late R.K. Laxman, just in few line stokes, he displays volumes.

    Wishing you success in all your endeavours.
    Regards and blessings

  2. marencollet says:

    Dear Uma!

    Thank you so much for your kind remark! I haven’t been here for quite a while and thought about deleting this blog. But now I saw that people still visit it.
    Maybe I won’t delete it for now. Thank you so much for your wishes. I’m so happy and thankful that I can make a living with my drawings and illustrations. I really feel blessed.
    Hope you are fine!
    Wish you all the best!


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